Avtex Features


Avtex Quick Tuning system, by simply holding down the AQT button on the remote control for 3 seconds in either digital or analogue TV mode the TV will automatically tune itself in! Further, with sets that have MHEG5 the added advantage is that all the channels are saved in the correct order! This feature is ideal for tourers, what could be simpler?


acdc-iconAC/DC Power

This symbol is to indicate the product operates on both mains AC voltage and a 12 volt DC battery.


analogue-iconAnalogue TV

This symbol indicates that the TV can receive and display conventional TV broadcast (needed when the digital signal is weak or unavailable in certain locations).

cl-iconCommon Interface

Common Interface, all sets carrying a CI slot have the ability to accept a CAM (conditional access module). This will allow you to view certain pay per view channels such as Setanta Sports etc.


digital-iconDigital TV

This symbol indicates that the TV has an integrated digital TV tuner and can receive and display Digital TV and radio channels, without the need of an external free view set top box, ready for the switch over.



High Definition Multimedia Interface, this symbol is to indicate that the product has at least 1 HDMI socket allowing you to connect to and display high definition signals from an HD source.



This is a very important feature, MHEG5 is the data transmission system used to transmit data along side your digital TV signal. Digital teletext, interactive services, auto sort (putting all the digital channels in the correct order) are just a few of the features that can not be obtained without the presence of an integrated MHEG5 decoder. To truly experience the advantages of digital TV look for the MHEG5 symbol.

pc-iconPC Monitor

All Avtex TVs that carry this symbol have a VGA socket allowing them to be connected to a PC and to be used as a monitor.



This symbol is to indicate you can find satellites with your Avtex television.



Record directly from your Avtex product.


cardreader-iconCard Reader

This symbol is to indicate you can use your card reader with this product.



This symbol is to indicate you can plug in your USB stick to share data.



This symbol is to indicate you can watch dvds with this product.



Listen to music with this Avtex product.



This symbol is to indicate you can use your cd’s via the Avtex product.



This symbol is to indicate that the product is MP3 compatible.


hd-digitalHD Digital

This symbol is to indicate it is an HD Digital product.



The only easy find compatible TV.