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This book will save you money, probably a lot of money. It will show you, step step by step, how choose the right motorhome and then show you how you can easily negotiate the very best price. Most people would not buy a house without professional advice and yet they buy an expensive motorhome relying on advice given to them by the seller!

Avoid costly mistakes when buying your motorhome

Too many mistakes are made when people blindly stumble through what is probably the second largest purchase they will ever make in their lives. We know that many people buy three motorhomes before they get the one they actually want. Getting it wrong will cost you thousands, literally. When the initial excitement wears off, so many new motorhome owners are disappointed when they find out they have bought the wrong motorhome or paid far too much for the right one! We show you how to save money and heartache when buying a motorhome.

George Berry said this about the guide.

If asked to choose one word to describe this publication that word would be “Honest” An honest, factual, no frills or gimmicks, insight to buying and checking a Motorhome, This book should be read by all, not only first time buyers but anyone in the process of making such a major purchase, If you go armed with this knowledge the sellers should be afraid, very afraid!

This guide gives it to you step by step, how to choose a trouble free motorhome and then how to get it at the best possible price. Even if you have never negotiated before, you’ll discover how easy it is to get prices lowered. you can literally save hundreds, even thousands of pounds, just by following the simple negotiation strategies. Its not difficult, its just that over the years we have forgotten how to do it. You can do it, you will be in control of your purchase and not treated like a victim or a sucker. You’ll learn how to play the dealer at his own game, but not make an enemy of him, which is of course important

This is the definitive guide to buying a motorhome, with over 20,000 words, and over 60 photos and diagrams spread over 80+ pages.

This is an eBook that is delivered to you immediately upon payment. It can be read on your computer or printed for later reading in just a few minutes time.

Chapters Include:

      • How to choose the right motorhome type for you
      • How to Research and find exactly what you need
      • Understanding Base Vehicles, their capabilities and limitations
      • Comprehensive Pre Purchase Checklists. Don’t get caught out.
      • Deciding on the best layout for you, whether you are on your own, a couple, a family or even fulltiming
      • How to save lots of money when negotiating while remaining on good terms with the seller.
      • Buying from Dealers, what to look out for
      • Buying Privately the do’s don’t s and the advantages and how to spot a dodgy seller
      • Buying off Ebay- Getting a bargain the right way.
      • The Golden Rules about buying
      • How to check the motorhome documents, and what to look out for
      • How to ensure you are not buying a stolen Motorhome
      • Detailed checklists for the Test Drive
      • Closing the Deal, how to do it

Don’t take our word for it. Here is what others have said about the Buyers Guide

John (Jaws from wrote:

Whilst many of us think we know how to haggle; the author brings the ‘deal’ in to sharp relief by breaking it down in to small easy to understand and take in segments, made even easier with added diagrams where needed. For those not familiar with motorhoming, the jargon busting info is invaluable on its own.

The author has managed to emphasis all the most important aspects of motorhome ownership in an easy to read and understand format. Add to that the text telling us about dealers and how to handle them, this book is worth its weight in gold.

This guide will easily save you at least 100 times what you pay for it! We are so sure that you will be delighted; we offer you a no-quibble 30 day guarantee. If you are unhappy with the guide in any way, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Roger Quaintance said of the guide:

To the unwary buying a new or second-hand motorhome is fraught with pitfalls. A great many buyers fall foul in the excitement of their first purchase. This book is an easy read and is very easy to follow with a number of photographs.

It will point you in the direction of the correct decision making process and gives advice on buying as well as selling. How to choose what you need and what to watch out for. Many of the little niggles (do you have the required licence for instance) are explored. An excellent guide to negotiating and bartering, something a lot of people are uncomfortable with is included. There are pre-purchase check lists, and the book is full of unbiased advice.

The author does not sell motorhomes so has no axe to grind. Good honest advice gleaned from years around motorhome forums and motorhomes. This book is equally aimed at the first timer and those upgrading or updating due to a change in circumstances. To get it right the first time could save you the cost of this book many times over. An must have addition to any motorhome library.

Arm yourself with this guide and you will approach your motorhome purchase with confidence.

Andy (Andyman on the motorhomefun forum) said:

Having bought various caravans and a couple of motor homes I thought I knew it all. Well having now read the guide, it’s like they say. You think you know it all but there is always something new to learn.

The guide takes you through the complete process, starting with choosing the layout, the type of body/ base vehicle and ending with the buying process. It covers in detail Driving License requirements and how to be a good negotiator and buy at the right price.
If you are new to the hobby of motorhoming this guide is essential. As said in the book getting the right motorhome can be a pleasure getting the wrong one can be a costly mistake.

Read the book before you buy and you will be better informed and more likely to get it right first time. Even if you’re a seasoned motorhomer there is something you can learn and gain from.

This guide is packed with information distilled from many hundreds of purchases made by the members of motorhome fun. Don’t buy a motorhome before you read it.

This is an eBook that is delivered to you immediately upon payment. It can be read on your computer or printed for later reading in just a few minutes time.

We also include two extra copies in different formats so you
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The Motorhome Buyers Guide


100% 60 day money-back guarantee!

I’m confident that this ebook will be a huge help to you and that it will save you a lot of time, money and heartache. But should you really disagree, you get your money back – no questions asked. You just e-mail me and I will return your money instantly. This eBook is in the Adobe PDF file format. If your computer doesn’t have the Adobe Reader software, you can easily install it for free.

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