The Motorhome Checklists – eBook




What did you forget on your last trip? Forgetting the corkscrew might ruin your evening. But forgetting your steadies are down could ruin your holiday!

We all forget things from time to time but with motorhomes there are just so many things to remember!
Forgetting just one little thing can have major implications so we decided to build the most comprehensive book of checklists ever. So with help from some of the thousands of members from motorhome Fun we put together the definitive book of motorhome checklists.

This is a comprehensive book of checklists. The inventory checklist alone has over 125 essential items that you should not leave behind, complete with a check box that you can use time and time again. Checklists are a great way to ensure that your trips in the motorhome go without a hitch, they also provide you with a high level of embarrassment insurance by stopping you making silly mistakes which of course only happen when plenty of people are watching!

Check Lists include:

  • Comprehensive ‘Motorhome Health’ Checks
  • Inventory Inside and Out
  • Remember everything!
  • Campsite Arrival Checklist
  • Campsite Departure Checklist
  • Pre-Purchase Internal & External
  • 30 point Winterising/Decommisioning Re-Comissioning
  • Pre-Foreign Travel Checks
  • First Aid and First Aid kits
  • Child’s First Aid Kit
  • Accident Checklist & Aide-Memoire
  • Annual Habitation Checks
  • Insurance Information Collection
  • Pets & Pet Gear
  • Packing for Children
  • Getting There Safely

The Motorhome Checklists is an eBook that is downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.You can read it on your computer or print it for reading later.

Never Forget Anything again!


ChecklistsSpiralBoundWe also produce a Laminated and bound version.